Introduce Salted

The smell of a fresh boiled leek cheese soup, picking blueberries in the wild forests of northern Scandinavia – Salted takes us to homes, restaurants, shops and blogs all over the world. It forge a new network of food lovers and lovers of good companies. Invites us to take a seat at a friends table to share their meal and get inspired by new recipes to try at home. The border-overcoming power of a shared table open us the doors to cosy flats, judge farm kitchens and sequestered cabins . Even if that just means to take a coffee – a life career tells many moving stories and fates. Doesn’t matter whether we join a ritually french breakfast, a fast made lunch soup or a elaborate, lavish dinner with friends in California, Salted collecting recipes and stories from all countries we travel to. Maybe the new encounters are able to lead us to the beauty and sense of life – spending a marvelous time and meal with beloved friends and person who could become one.


Join the Salted world on Tumblr. It's full of inspiration we found there to decide, where we want to travel next to find new recipes.

Event area

As a celebrator of good company and good food, Salted may initiate "Meet & Eat's" to celebrate what we stand for. You got an invitation? Log in to our event area and confirm your participation!